Hello! I've been a fan of Charmed for what feels like my whole life. The one thing I always appreciate is its ability to lift my spirits. Therefore, this blog will showcase the humorous moments on the show and the unfailing ability of the sisters to come up with a witty comment right in the middle of a crisis. I hope you all love this blog.
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May I ask who’s your favorite from the show?

You guys can ask me anything when it comes to Charmed! Really, feel free to ask me whatever you want!

Do you mean like favorite sister? You know, I’m one of those really, really strange people who loves them all equally. Who my favorite is depends on the season or even the episode. For example, I adored Phoebe and her openness to magic and people in Season 1, but the Cole storyline in Season 3 changed her a lot and that openness diminished (unfortunately but understandably). I love Paige and her determination to be the best witch she could possibly be, but her obsessiveness with being independent in Season 6 irritated me. Piper was awesome and her character development was something to behold considering she always wanted to run and hide in the first couple of seasons, but sometimes I think she became overly negative and I wasn’t a big fan of when she constantly went on about having a normal life even though I understood it. Prue was my least favorite in Season 1 but then she relaxed and was great by Season 3. I admired how protective she was of people and feel like she took her charmed duties and the protecting of innocents thing the most seriously in Season 3.


No. No, no, no. No. The second gif not okay. He smiles and licks his lips in one damn gif. Are you trying to kill me? No. No. It’s not okay. No. Oh, the hotness! I am dying! (That’s the best gif ever made.)

The best gif ever made you say? That’s very sweet but full credit obviously goes to Drew Fuller and his face!

Season 1

*one of the sisters goes flying across the room*

Other sisters: *panics*, *screams their name*, omg are you okay honey, are you injured, let me help you up, here take my hand, *helps lift them up*

Season 8

*one of the sisters goes flying across the room*

Other sisters: *doesn’t even bother getting out of their chair*, *makes an ‘oh dear that’s unfortunate’ facial expression*, you ok?