Hello! I've been a fan of Charmed for what feels like my whole life. The one thing I always appreciate is its ability to lift my spirits. Therefore, this blog will showcase the humorous moments on the show and the unfailing ability of the sisters to come up with a witty comment right in the middle of a crisis. I hope you all love this blog.
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» A message from Anonymous:

This is a little late but thank you very much for the PMS monkey gif set, it’s perfect!

Not a problem, glad you liked it!

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» A message from Anonymous:

Can you gif the PMS monkey scene from 5x20 please?

Sure thing! Give me a minute though, figuring out how to get it all in 10 gifs is going to be an interesting challenge!

UPDATE: Here you go.

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to apologize for being away so long. My last computer kept crashing whenever I went on tumblr because of overheating and my new one (which I bought only yesterday) has no programs on it.

What an ordeal.

Anyway, uni stuff is ramping up again so there’s less time for me to watch Charmed. Requests for gifs are good though. It’s easy enough to do if you tell when what scene in which episode you want me to gif. So request away!

p.s. I missed you guys!

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» A message from Anonymous:

If Leo can't heal the death, how could Piper bring him back in season 1?

You mean in Love Hurts? Yeah, man, that whole thing was inconsistent. Piper specifically said “he’s gone” in the episode but in The Devil’s Music Leo says “when I almost died….” Charmed was never known for its consistency, let’s face it. For that entire plot line I was just staring at the screen going


I tried to explain it to myself, however. In later episodes, we see Leo healing people who are technically dead but their spirits haven’t moved on. In my head, Leo’s spirit managed to not move on long enough for Piper to come back and heal him. Admittedly, he was dead for a long time, but we’ve seen spirits not move on if they have unfinished business so it’s plausible. Also it was the best explanation I could come up with.

UPDATE on last post: the insult turned into an entire (mostly civil but still kinda cutting) debate. I’m wavering between annoyed, interested and highly amused. The good news is that it’s finally stopped. You know what that means? Giffing!! Okay, no, it means finishing my assignment that’s due tomorrow so I don’t fail uni. But then giffing!!